Friday Night Rambling.


Do you read the stories on Wattpad? I used to be an active member of Wattpad a few years ago and recently got back to it. Man, do I wish I hadn’t stopped updating my profile? Hell yes. It seems to create good opportunities for authors. Of course, you need good stories and time to communicate with Wattpad users but still, I think it is worth the time. It’s all about expanding your reach, right?

Also, how do you feel about authors’ groups on Facebook? or readers’ groups? I have one but I don’t think I have added a member in ages. Am I that boring to you? Maybe haha! It’s not a place where I’m forcing people to buy my books or share them all over the internet. I think it’s a fun place to post about my work and my updates. No pressure. Yes, I would love to add more people. I feel pretty lonely sometimes. haha! If you want to join my group, it’s easy. Click here:

What have you been reading lately? I received today another book by Anna Todd. It’s called Nothing more. I don’t think I have ever bought so many books from the same author. I love her work. I plan on starting to read it soon. Not this weekend because I’m supposed to write but soon.

Speaking of writing… it’s almost midnight and I promised myself I wouldn’t go to bed until I reach 20k words on my novella. That’s now 600 words away. I’m working on January Part 1. (Jane’s story) I like the fact that both January’s novella will be over 40k words, maybe closer to 50k. January part 2 is already done and you can preorder it. It’s a military story. I hope you guys will like it. The first part is a tough one to write but I guess that’s what happens when you write a story backward.

I should probably reach my 20K words goal now.

Talk to you soon.

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