Ink Series Spin Off

Safe to love you

SWM ecoverAbbie has wasted years of her life dating a jealous and abusive man. The love she once felt for him has been replaced by fear for his uncontrollable rage. One last fight for her freedom leaves her hurt but fulsome after a gentleman saves her from the brutal hands of her evil ex-boyfriend.

Presley has been moping around for a month after being dumped by a beautiful model. It’s not until a chance meeting and an opportunity to be the hero that he starts to feel alive again. Craving the flame who brightens his life, the tattooed photographer sets out on a mission to find the girl who left him breathless.

When Abbie and Presley see each other, their mutual attraction flares first. The unconventional guy seems like an intriguing choice for the still-wounded Abbie, but is he actually someone she can feel safe with? Will she be able to move on, continuing with her life unscarred?



Not Afraid to love you


Lilly McCarthy thought she had found the one, until an unexpected side of Dave left her with bruises to her body and pride .

Living in fear, she knows she has to do something before the irreparable happens. A timely phone call provides Lilly a means to escape her nightmare, but is her family ready for what they will face?

While Lilly takes the time to heal and regain control of her life, an unexpected source of support appears in the form of her brother’s best friend – and her old crush – Lennox.

Lilly hesitates to take on a new relationship, but Lennox is not giving up. He wants Lilly to find her way and be herself again: the relaxed and easygoing woman she used to be.

Can the love of a good man convince this scarred and frightened woman to trust again? Or is it only going to push her away?