Diamond Club World

You are invited to carry out your wildest and sexiest dreams,
One fantasy at a time…

Welcome to the elite and private membership of The Diamond Club. Once you receive your key, your darkest and most forbidden desires become realized as you encounter the wealthiest and most titillating individuals you’ve ever known. The club exudes power, prestige, and decadence, but can you handle the heated temptation and hidden corruption of what’s behind those closed doors?

One sample and you’re changed for life…

In this 13-author anthology, readers will explore the secrets and sensuality of The Diamond Club as each author takes you on a tour of the true fantasy and desire behind the world’s most exclusive club. Grab your invitation and get ready to experience the ultimate throes of passion and pleasure in the darkest club around.

17264485_1181516188612487_6291121693925022453_nFlawless by Jude Ouvrard – Only one thing is certain, his final plan will have to be flawless.

When Thomas Haynes passed away, he left behind a last vow which must now be honored by his son.
Unable to ignore his father’s dying wish, Thomas Junior finds himself descending into an unknown world of deceit, corruption, and temptation. A place where the possession of diamonds is priority, and there are no limits when it comes to acquiring them.
Welcome to The Diamond Club.
To better understand the secret life his father has been living and continue to protect his mother and sister, TJ will have to leave behind his current way of life and all he finds comfortable. He soon learns what a small world this is when the decision has him crossing paths with an old flame.
When he reaches out for help, will TJ get the support he needs from this new family? Or will a new flame ruin everything? Only one thing is certain, his final plan will have to be flawless.




AUDIBLE TOO. Narrated by Tor Thom and Charley Ongel